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Mounting - Plates for Level Sensors

Item # 1-0101 16-3070



Flange Plate, 1 1/4” Half Coupling

$30.00 $85.00

Flange Plate 1 1/2’ NPT

A Flange Mounting Plate is required for each type of Level Sensor.

Touch Screen Alarm Panel - UL 508A

Item # Alarm4 Alarm8



4 Sensor Alarm Panel 8 Sensor Alarm Panel

$1,595.00 $2,035..00 $2,695.00 $2,915.00 $3,135.00 $3,465.00 $4,015.00 $4,345.00 $4,675.00 $5,115.00

Alarm12 12 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm16 16 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm20 20 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm24 24 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm28 28 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm32 32 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm36 36 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm40 40 Sensor Alarm Panel

• Edit your own screen - With the easy to use edit screen, you can customize your alarm names. • Bin-full Alarm Sensors - Up to 40 bins, high or low level alarms, add them as your needs grow. • Virtually any Alarm Sensor - Smoke alarms, limit switches, bin full indicators, and cover switches. • No Lamps to Replace - LED touch screen proven technology, Allen-Bradley reliability. • Normally Open or Normally Closed - Edit screen allows you to set the conditions if it’s wrong you can change it. • Enable / Disable any Sensor - If a sensor goes bad you can manually disable it on the protected edit screen.

T urk Sensors

Item #




Isolating switching amplifier, 2 channel.

$ 375.00

BC5-S18-Y1X10M Capacitive Sensor $ 29 5 .00 Intrinsically Safe Barrier f o r use in IIG Areas . One of the major benefits of capacitive sensors is their ability to sense through low-dielectric materials. With the sensitivity properly adjusted, these sensors can be used to "see through" an object wall to detect its contents.


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