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Tablet Truck Loading - Fertilizer Equipment

Item # TTLF3



Tablet Truck Loading, (3) Fertilizer Equipment / Camera

$6,3 60 .00

Includes: UL508A PLC Control Panel, Touch Screen Control , WIFI Network Access Hardware Camera and 7" Touchscreen. Connects to Tower Distributors, High Levels, Control Conditioner, Drag and Leg from 7” Tablet in Truck . Installation not included.

Tablet Payloader Fertilizer Tower Fill Control

Item # TPLC4



$6,180.0 0

Tablet Payloader Control, Equipment

Includes: UL508A Control Panel PLC, Touch Screen , WIFI Network Access Hardware and (1) 7" Tablet. Connects to Control Tower Distributors, High Levels, Control Conditioner, Solenoid, Drag and Leg . Requires visual site to equipment from Payloader . No Camera. Installation not included. Control right from the Payloader!

FOB Remote C ontrol of Gates and Motors

Open and Close Gate s , Start and Stop Motors with Remote Control Call for pricing depending on Gates or Motor Horse Power


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