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Power Management

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AB1408-1000 1411-600-202

Power Monitor 1000 AB / Display 600 Split Core CT’s Set of (3) Touch Screen Power Monitor

$2,57 5 .00 $1,94 5 . 0 0 $5,070.00 $2,8 90 .00



4000:5 CT Set of Three

Measure and Record • Demand • Power Factor • Touch Screen and PC Options

• Volts • Amps

Benefits & Features: Energy management and understanding energy costs are a major focus today in the industrial market. The Allen-Bradley bulletin 1408 Power Monitor 1000 is a cost effective energy monitor that is ideal for your applications where load profiling cost allocation or energy optimization is required. You can track your demand and consumption over time to determine what loads are consuming the most energy during your processing day.

Power Factor -Auto Switched Capacitor Banks

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250kvar, Switch PF Capacitor Bank System

$57, 800 . 0 0

Includes: 250kva Switched Capacitor Bank, 50kvar Steps, Power Monitor 1000 Display, Touch Screen Monitor and (3) Split Core CT’s

The Power of PF Guard Avoid penalty fees and high utility bills with PF Guard. By providing reactive power to your system, the PF Guard will improve your facility’s power factor to near unity. This reduces the amount of costly apparent power the utility must provide.

Why Improve Power Factor? When the power factor is below 1.0 or unity, the electrical capacity of the system decreases, forcing the utility to supply more apparent power than necessary.


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