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The Future of Grain Storage Monitoring Systems: • View information remotely from your smart phone. I-pad, laptop, or PC. Equipment Running, Bin Levels, grain temperatures and other critical information. • Hope Electric strives to design and incorporate the latest technology for your site. • 40 Years dedicated to the installation of Ag Industry Technologies. • Can be setup for vision-only or full control. • Password Protected.

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• Radar Levels • Grain Temps

• Cameras • Equipment

• Dryers • Touch Screens

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Remote View Touch Screen / PLC 4 Analog Input Remote View Touch Screen / PLC 8 Analog Input Remote View Touch Screen / PLC 12 Analog Input Remote View Touch Screen / PLC 16 Analog Input Remote View Touch Screen / PLC 20 Analog Input

$2,145.00 $2,695.00 $3,245.00 $3,795.00

$4,345.00 Includes: Touch Screen / PLC. Access from a smart phone through the Network Port to View. Radar Grain Level, Grain Temps, Dryers, Equipment and Alarms

Access Options: Find options to access your network on Page 45 . Web Port, Wireless Access or Cellular Network Access.

Text and email alerts When internet is available at the site the user can get email and text alerts for any equipment or sensor to let the user know there is an issue at the site from anywhere

Phone 1.800.950.5792 • www.hopeelectric.com


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