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Computer Automation - PLC

Alarm Indication Mini Screen flashes piece of equipment in the Alarm for ease of identification

Bearing and Rub Temperatures Constant temperature reading of sensors

Full Level Indication Separate level indicator for full level indication

Destination Warnings Informs operator if selection is being used by other processes

Bin Material Description Typed description for further details on bin product

Bin Temperatures Constant temperature reading of bin cables

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Graphic Designed PC Software can help eliminate operating errors. Monitor all sensors, speeds, temps, amps, levels and blending.

Alarm Logging Track alarms daily, weekly, monthly

Alarming History Access to daily alarms as they occur

Ethernet Communications Faster, reliable, accessibility between PLC’s and PC’s

Overrides for Specific Equipment Bypass alarms or equipment interlock

Remote Access Allows for troubleshooting and upgrades from a remote location

Data Logging Tracking trends, amperages, etc. to external files

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