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UPS Battery Backup Units

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UPS650VA UPS Battery Backup 650va UPS900VA UPS Battery Backup 900va UPS1200VA UPS Battery Backup 120va UPS1500VA UPS Battery Backup 150va

$145.00 $225.00 $475.00 $695.00 $675.00 $960.00 $445.00


61KP82 61KP83 32GE62

500VA Smart UPS 120v in/out Hardwire / Din Rail Mount 850VA Smart UPS 120v in/out Hardwire / Din Rail Mount

800VA 24VDC in/out Hardwire

Use a UPS to back up critical power, computers, PLC's and other electronic equipment.

61KP82 / 61KP83

Web Port - Network Access - Remote Access

We start with the latest technology in backbones, switches, routers and wireless access points. Let our technology department help you with the hardware and cabling you need to set up your network system.

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$1, 950 .00


Web Port Network Access, Ethernet

By adding a 2nd Web Port you can access the project thru the internet to view or control depending on the VNC eCatcher installed on your PC. You will be able to troubleshoot, service, or make changes and additions. Access the PLC and PC programming. By Purchasing a 2nd Web Port the customer can also log on with their PC and either view only or control depending on the VNC software they have installed.

Wireless Access Point Network

Item # WAPN



Wireless Access Network Point Package


Package includes: (2) Rocket Dish Antennas and Switches. Line of sight up to 6 miles.

Phone 1.800.950.5792 • www.hopeelectric.com


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