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HEI Hazard Monitoring System - UL 508A

Real Time Temperature Readings: Reads temperatures in real time. No cycles, scans, dip switches or serial numbers like most other systems. Simple installation, the most reliable, and easy to service. Belt Alignment for Belt Conveyors: (4) Rub Blocks are installed. (2) at the head section and (2) at the tail section. If the belt gets out of line and rubs on the side, the alarm horn goes off to notify the operator. You may need to contact your millwright contractor to install rub blocks as each are built different. Bearing Temps: (4) Bearing Temp Sensors are installed. (2) on the head bearings and (2) on the boot bearings. If bearing becomes overheated the alarm horn goes off to notify the operator. If the leg has idler bearings you have the option of installing sensors on them. Speed Sensors: Speed Sensors are installed on Legs and Belt Conveyors to monitor slippage. Leg mount sensor on the boot shaft. Belt Conveyors Mount Sensor - Tail Shaft. Calibrate speed sensor to 100% RPM normal speed. When the speed gets below 90% the alarm is sounded and feed equipment can be shut down if interlocked. When the speed gets below 80%, the leg or belt conveyor will shut down. Zero Speed Sensor: Zero Speed Sensors are installed on the tail shaft of the chain drag conveyors. They alarm if the chain or drive belt break between the motor and the gear box and will then shut down the conveyor. Plug Sensors: Plug Sensors installed in the head of the legs and conveyors to shut down the equipment if plug is hit. Motor Amps: A CT (Current Transformer) is installed at the motor starter on one of the 3 phase lines feeding the motor. This then sends a signal to the meter on the panel to show motor amperage. Option is available to have an alarm if the motor is over amps.

Comply to OSHA Standards

Monitor Legs, Belts and Bearings

Cost Effective and Expandable Systems

Panel and Touch Screen UL 508A Listed

Reads temperature in real time, no cycles, scans, dip switches or serial numbers like most other systems. Simple installation and the most reliable. Easy to service.

Haz Mon System PC Based Item #



PCHAZMON40 $31,500. 0 0 Allen Bradley Logix 5000 Software. Unlimited input expansion available. Sample price for (3) Legs / (4) Bearings / (4) Belt Rub Sensors each / (4) Conveyors / (4) Bearing A llen Bradley PLC 's can be Networked as you Automate your Facility As you add to your plant or automate existing equipment, this system can be networked to that system. Expandable to thousands of sensors and controls. PC Based Haz Mon System 50 Inputs


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