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Farm Automation

Auto Receive Pit Sensor If your truck dump pit is large enough to install pit sensors we can automate your receiving system to automatically start and stop all equipment simply by sensing if the pit has grain. The system has timers to adjust for clean-out. The driver does not have to start anything as long as the path is set.

Dryer Systems Most new dryers have moisture control and can control minimal equipment without much control over where the grain is coming from and going to. Our automation systems are custom built to your site. This way you can have auto dry from multiple locations and automatically switch bins when one goes empty or full. This keeps a steady flow to the dryer 24hrs a day. All systems have a user adjustable timers to minimize rapid starting and stopping of equipment, in turn saving money on electricity with less motor starts per day. Older dryers can be automated with control of the unload speed and monitoring of moisture and burner temps. The system do not set target moistures.


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