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Computer Automation - PLC

Distributor Position Displays distributor position moving and stationary

Employee Login Track overrides, etc. by user

Maintenance Scheduling and Hour Meter Schedule and track equipment services

Manual Control (Automated) Option to run equipment w/o interlocks from computer

Speed and Amperage Protecting equipment with slow speeds and high amperages

Product Color for Bins Quick reference to identify bin commodity

Trending Map daily amperages, temperatures, speeds, etc.

Source Destination Auto Start

Adjustable Alarm Setpoints Ability to set alarm thresholds by user

Radar Level Sensing Constant level reading of material in bins

Source Destination Operation Pick a commodity and a bin. Auto starts equipment.

Plant Timer Options for Lighting Fan Control Shut-down Producers

Auto Set points for Load out Set percentages on gate for auto open and close with levels

Equipment Color Coded Destination Helping to prevent mixture of commodities


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