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As a UL 508 a Control Panel Shop we can design a Control Panel to meet your needs and label it to meet the requirement of UL and Article 409 of the National Electrical Code. Our catalog and website contain the latest innovative technology with cost effective solutions to increase your efficiency and reliability. We will work with local electricians to help with design, product selection and installation.

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HEI Hazard Monitoring System - UL 508A

Real Time Temperature Readings: Reads temperatures in real time. No cycles, scans, dip switches or serial numbers like most other systems. Simple installation, the most reliable, and easy to service. Belt Alignment for Belt Conveyors: (4) Rub Blocks are installed. (2) at the head section and (2) at the tail section. If the belt gets out of line and rubs on the side, the alarm horn goes off to notify the operator. You may need to contact your millwright contractor to install rub blocks as each are built different. Bearing Temps: (4) Bearing Temp Sensors are installed. (2) on the head bearings and (2) on the boot bearings. If bearing becomes overheated the alarm horn goes off to notify the operator. If the leg has idler bearings you have the option of installing sensors on them. Speed Sensors: Speed Sensors are installed on Legs and Belt Conveyors to monitor slippage. Leg mount sensor on the boot shaft. Belt Conveyors Mount Sensor - Tail Shaft. Calibrate speed sensor to 100% RPM normal speed. When the speed gets below 90% the alarm is sounded and feed equipment can be shut down if interlocked. When the speed gets below 80%, the leg or belt conveyor will shut down. Zero Speed Sensor: Zero Speed Sensors are installed on the tail shaft of the chain drag conveyors. They alarm if the chain or drive belt break between the motor and the gear box and will then shut down the conveyor. Plug Sensors: Plug Sensors installed in the head of the legs and conveyors to shut down the equipment if plug is hit. Motor Amps: A CT (Current Transformer) is installed at the motor starter on one of the 3 phase lines feeding the motor. This then sends a signal to the meter on the panel to show motor amperage. Option is available to have an alarm if the motor is over amps.

Comply to OSHA Standards

Monitor Legs, Belts and Bearings

Cost Effective and Expandable Systems

Panel and Touch Screen UL 508A Listed

Reads temperature in real time, no cycles, scans, dip switches or serial numbers like most other systems. Simple installation and the most reliable. Easy to service.

Haz Mon System PC Based Item #



PCHAZMON40 $31,500. 0 0 Allen Bradley Logix 5000 Software. Unlimited input expansion available. Sample price for (3) Legs / (4) Bearings / (4) Belt Rub Sensors each / (4) Conveyors / (4) Bearing A llen Bradley PLC 's can be Networked as you Automate your Facility As you add to your plant or automate existing equipment, this system can be networked to that system. Expandable to thousands of sensors and controls. PC Based Haz Mon System 50 Inputs


HEI Hazard Monitoring System - UL 508A

Item #




1-Leg Haz Mon System, 7” Touch Screen 2-Leg Haz Mon System, 10” Touch Screen


$8,220.00 Each system includes: Touch Screen, Programming, (4) 140° N.O. Bearing Sensors, (4) 140° Belt Rub Block Sensors, (4) Rub Blocks 2” round or 2x4”, (1) Speed Sensor to Monitor Shaft Speed at Bottom, and Installation Instructions. Bearing or Rub Block Sensors are programmed if the temperature gets above 140° it will set off the alarm. The Speed Sensor is programmed if the leg slows down to 90% it will set off the alarm and it will also shut down the feed equipment if interlocked. 80% speed will shut down the leg to prevent the belt from damage.

Item #



1-Leg Haz Mon System, 7” Touch Screen 2-Leg Haz Mon System, 10” Touch Screen 3-Leg Haz Mon System, 15” Touch Screen 4-Leg Haz Mon System, 15” Touch Screen

$5,820.00 $10,140.00 $25,980.00 $29,820.00


Bearing or Rub Block Sensors are programmed if the temperature gets above 140° it will set off the alarm. The Speed Sensor is programmed if the leg slows down to 90% it will set off the alarm and it will also shut down the feed equipment if interlocked. 80% speed will shut down the leg to prevent the belt from damage.

H E I Hazard Monitoring System

Item # RB2X4



Rub Block 2x4 Brass No Sensor Rub Block 2x4, TC Sensor, IIG Rated Rub Block 2x4, TC Sensor, Nema 4 Rated Rub Block TC Sensor, Only Rated IIG Bearing Sensor Probe TC Rated IIG63 Bearing Sensor Probe TC Rated IIG6 Bearing Sensor Washer TC Rated IIG

$90.00 $195.00 $155.00 $70.00 $150.0 $160.00 $75.00 $20.00 $60.00 $70.00 $60.00 $70.00 $15.00 $115.00 $55.00 $0.55/ ft



Extended Zerk Kit for Washer Sensors (FP21TCT38)

BPS-10/4 BPS-10-6 DTS-10 BWS-10

Probe Sensor - 4” Probe Sensor - 6” Drill Tap Sensor 10’


Surface Sensor Conduit Adaptor



2” Rub Block and Sensor with Plate


2” Rub Block no Sensor


6TC Lead-wire



B Crimp Connector



B Crimp Tool


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Max-Tronic Bearing and Bel t Rub Temp Sensors

Item #



MAX140NO 140° Temp Sensor N.O. MAX176NO 176° Temp Sensor N.O.

$175.00 $175.00 $175.00 $450.00

MAX140NC Extended Zerk Kit for Washer Sensors (MAXNO)


Belt Tracker Sensor

*N.O. or N.C. Contacts, Rated IIG N.O. Sensors close the circuit if the temperature gets above 140° for bearings and belt rub blocks, and 176° for motors and gear boxes. Can be ordered in N.C. type to open the circuit on temperature rise. Use N.O. for circuits with multiple sensors of zone wiring. Belt Tracker monitors the belt alignment. If the belt is out of line it will hit the spring loaded sensor to send the alarm signal to control panels.

Electro Sensors

Item #



SG1000A M100T M5000T

Slide Gate Position Sensor 4-20ma


Electro Sensor Speed Switch 115VAC 0-100 RPM $731.00

Electro Sensor Speed Switch 115VAC 100-500 RPM

$731.00 $599.00 $686.07 $159.50 $296.00 $158.00

907XP FB420 EZ100

Electro Sensor Speed Head

Monitor Speed Sensor 4-20ma Output / Relay Output

EZ Mount for Speed Sensor Control Board for MT100

FB420 - M100T - M5000T Rated Nema 4 & IIG

PCB-M T100 700-000200 700-000300

255 Nylon (M100T) 16 MAG 4.0” X .25” STD 256 Pulser Disc (M5000T) 16 Mag 4” x .25” $158.00 SG1000A Slide Gate Monitors the % open of gate. M100T shaft speed range is 5-100 rpm. M5000T shaft speed range is 100-5000rpm. Detects unwanted slowdown.

Process Control Systems

Item #




Signal Transmitter W/XP Sensing Head and Disc

$723.00 $215.00 $117.00 $438.00 $755.00 $413.00

XPROOF Motion Head W/10’ Cable

1132 1136 1660

Mag Disc 2-Pole PCS

Signal Transmitter, Only for CM3000 Dual Set Point Speed Control Board

A2000 A5000

Zero Speed Switch, 4 Second Shut Down Delay

1708 $160.00 CM3000 Transmits 4-20ma or 0-10vdc signal to controller or PLC to monitor speed of shaft slowdown. A2000 is a hard-wire control for shaft speed. A slowdown of 90% and 80% for interlock and alarm or shut down. 2 1/2” Analog Meter


BinMaster - Non Contact Radar - Nema 4 and IIG

Item #




NCR-80 Non Contact Radar (393’)

$3,870.00 $4,315.00


Radar Non Contact 393’ Max, 4x Fertilizer

NCR-DIS NCR-SW 730-0747

NCR-80 Display Module

$252.00 $185.00

NCR-80 Swivel Mounting Plate

Mount Kit, NCR-80. 0 DEG w/Bolts and Gasket $242.00 Non-contact radar continuously measures the level of powders, grain, solids or liquids in a vessel. Reliable and precise in high grain dust. 80 GHZ non-contact radar excels in granular products like grain and other solids in tall and narrow vessels. Pulse radar transmitters using a lower frequency are more commonly used in liquids and perform in diverse tank shapes and environmental conditions.


Radar Mounting Plates

Item #




30 Degree Radar Mounting Plate

$ 250 .00 $ 225 .00


Bin Roof Jack

30D FLANGE - Add to your project by mounting your Radar on 30° steel bin roofs. Bin Roof Jack - Add to your project by mounting your Radar Level Sensor on a slopped bin roof. The Radar Level Sensor will be level and give you a proper bin measurement. With the Aimer option you can get the best possible bin reading.

Radar - Touch Screen Disp l ay

Item #




Radar Level Panel 4 Sensors Radar Level Panel 8 Sensors

$2,145.00 $2,695.00 $3,245.00 $3,795.00

RADAR-12 Radar Level Panel 12 Sensors RADAR-16 Radar Level Panel 16 Sensors RADAR-20 Radar Level Panel 20 Sensors $4,345.00 Panel-view (Allen Bradley) Display with Micro 850 Processor. Ready for future expansion. Modules for 4-20ma inputs from BinMaster Radar Level Sensors.

Siemens - Non Con tact Radar - Nema 4 and IIG

Item #



LR560-A1-130 LR560-A2-130 LR560-A1-329

Radar Level Sensor - 130’ Range

$3,245.00 $3,382.00 $4,345.00

Radar Level Sensor - 130’ Range / Calibration

Radar Level Sensor - 329’ Range

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Monitor Capacitance - Solid Shaft Probes

Item #



$420.00 $480.00 $30.00 $220.00

11-8413-211 11-8413-111

Mk-2e, Stubby Probe Nema 4 Mk-2e, Stubby 9’ Probe IIG Flange Plate, 1 1/4” Half Coupling Circuit Board, MK-2e - Nema 4

1-0101 11-1929 11-8038

Circuit Boad, MK-2e - IIG $350.00 Standard Probe: The most commonly used probe variation. The standard probe performs reliably in many different applications. 1-1/4” NPT, 120V

Monitor Capacit ance -Nema4-Cable Extension Hanging Probe MK-2E

Item #



11-8416-211-12 11-8416-211-24 11-8416-211-36 11-8416-211-48 11-8416-211-60 11-8416-211-72 11-8416-211-84 11-8416-211-96 11-8416-211-108 11-8416-211-120 11-8416-211-132 11-8416-211-144

Mk-2e Hanging Probe 12” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 24” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 36” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 48” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 60” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 72” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 84” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 96” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 108” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 120” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 132” Nema 4 Mk-2e Hanging Probe 144” Nema 4 Flange Plate, 1 1/4 Half Coupling

$551.00 $557.00 $563.00 $569.00 $575.00 $581.00 $587.00 $593.00 $599.00 $605.00 $611.00 $617.00

1-0101 $30.00 Cable Extension Probe: The Cable Extension Probe can extend the sensing point up to 50 feet (15m) beneath the mounting point. It should be noted that the build-up immunity, however, is not extended with the cable version. Use the pipe extension probe in those applications requiring build-up immunity. 1-1/4” NPT, 120V

Monitor Capacitance - Xproof - Cable Extension Hanging Probe

Item #



11-8416-111-12 11-8416-111-24 11-8416-111-36 11-8416-111-48 11-8416-111-60 11-8416-111-72 11-8416-111-84 11-8416-111-96 11-8416-111-108 11-8416-111-120 11-8416-111-132 11-8416-111-144

Mk-2e Hanging Probe 12" IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 24” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 36” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 48” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 60” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 72” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 84” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 96” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 108” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 120” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 132” IIG Mk-2e Hanging Probe 144” IIG Flange Plate, 1 1/4 Half Coupling

$611.00 $617.00 $623.00 $629.00 $635.00 $641.00 $647.00 $653.00 $659.00 $665.00 $671.00 $677.00 $30.00



Monitor Pressure Pad Sensors

Item # 7-8100 7-8150



G Pressure Pad, Nema 4


GX Pressure Pad, Dust Ignition Proof $230.00 Pressure Pad Switches / Bin Monitors can be used to detect high, low and intermediate product levels on dry material storage bins. They can be used on either flat or curved surfaces. For bins with diameter greater than 12’ (3.6m), extra gaskets are not required. Certain applications can also be used to detect plugged or backed-up conveyor chutes. Provides good performance in solids from 10-60lbs/ft3.

Monitor Rotary Paddle Sensors

Item #



1-8401-1 1-8301-1

KAX Rotary Paddle Bin Monitors KA Rotary Paddle Bin Monitors Paddle, 3-Vane Average Weights Paddle, 3-Vane Light Weights

$265.00 $245.00 $35.00 $35.00 $55.00 $35.00 $40.00 $60.00 $45.00 $50.00 $55.00 $60.00 $75.00 $80.00 $1.00 $5.00

1-4146 1-4141 1-4161 1-4193 1-3335 1-1313 1-0008 1-0036

Paddle 2 Vane Collapsible Paddle, 1-Vane Insertable

Coupling Spring Flex

Motor, 115Vac, KA/KAX Rotary Pin Coil Spring, 1/8 x 13/16 Fitting Full Coupling, 1/4 SPSC

1-1175-1-6 1-1175-1-12 1-1175-1-18 1-1175-1-24 1-1175-1-36 1-1175-1-48 1-1175-1-60

6” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 12” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 18” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 24” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 36” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 48” x 1/4 Pipe Extension 60” x 1/4 Pipe Extension

$90.00 The unit is installed through the wall of vessel, so that the paddle protrudes inside the vessel. A small electric motor drives a paddle which rotates freely in the absence of material. When the paddle is im peded by material, the motor rotates within the housing which triggers two switches. 1-1/4” NPT, 120V

Monitor Flow Sensors

Item #



17-8411-11 17-3102-1

SFD-2, Flow Sensor


Fitting, Saddle, CPLG, GKT, Flow $30.00 Monitors line of microwave solids flow monitors are high quality industrial grade instruments. Capable of providing a signal indication the flow/no-flow condition of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders and pneumatic pipelines.

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Monitor - Vibrating Level Sensors Solid Probes

Item #



9-8611-111 9-8631-111 9-8611-211 9-8631-211

DuraVibe Level Sensor 6” Solid Probe Rated 4x DuraVibe Level Sensor 9” Solid Probe Rated 4x DuraVibe Level Sensor 6” Solid Probe Rated IIG DuraVibe Level Sensor 9” Solid Probe Rated IIG

$515.00 $770.00 $615.00

$870.00 Provides reliable, durable and versatile point level sensing in a variety of applications within the powder and bulk solid markets. Self-cleaning and does not require calibration, makes for easy set-up. Applications: Typical target materials for this switch include dry ingredients. Versatile and durable, yet economical, vibratory solution. Excellent for a variety of materials with densities as low as 10lbs/ft3.

Monitor - Vibrating Level Sensors PZP Hanging and Solid Probes

Item #



9-8711-112 9-8711-212 9-8721-212

DuraVibe Level Sensor PZP 6” Solid Probe Rated 4x


DuraVibe Level Sensor PZP 6” Solid Probe Rated IIG $805.00 DuraVibe Level Sensor PZP Hanging Probe Rated IIG $965.00

Durable, reliable, and versatile. Detects very light (1.5lb/ft) to heavy, dense materials with proper pro tective baffling. Pipe extension, cable extension and high-temp units are available. Set it and forget it. Easy installation, commissioning, and no calibration required. Three sensitivity settings for optimum performance. External status LED provides visual indication. Rated 4x is outdoor or standard locations. Rated IIG in hazard dusty locations. All items above have a 1 1/2” NPT mounting thread.

Monitor - Tilt Switch

Item # 4-8131 1-4146 4-3004 4-5068



Monitor TC-3 Tilt Switch

$170.00 $35.00 $30.00 $33.00

Paddle, 3 Vane Average Weights Replacement Ball for Tilt Switch Replacement Switch for Tilt Switch

Monitor Tilt Level Sensors provide automatic HIGH LEVEL indication of materials. They are designed for use in high level internal explosion proof applications. The unit can be hung from a cable or chain. When the grain hits the vanes at the bottom of the sensor it tilts to activate the signal. Vanes can vary in size depending on the product in the bin.

Mounting - Plates for Level Sensors

Item # 1-0101 16-3070



Flange Plate, 1 1/4” Half Coupling

$30.00 $85.00

Flange Plate 1 1/2’ NPT

A Flange Mounting Plate is required for each type of Level Sensor.


BinMaster Procap II - Solid Probes - Nema 4 and IIG Rated

Item #



730-5053-P58-FA 730-5053-P72-8

Procap II, 6 1/2” Solid Probe

$ 6 70 .00 $68 5 .00 $ 733 .00 $ 359 .00 $ 452 .00

Procap II, Power Pac 115/230 Vac Procap II 8” Concrete Wall

730-505 6 -P58-PRO1 Procap1, 6 1/2” Solid Probe 24vdc-240ac

530-0555 530-0 554 730-0525

PCB Replacement Kit, Complete Assembled, 120-240V

PCB Replacement Kit, 24vc and0120-240v

Pro Cap II, Flush Mount Sensor $ 543 .00 The PROCAP I and II Standard Capacitance Probes detect the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe. They feature interference-free operation, simple calibration, and fail-safe func tionality. They perform accurately even in dusty, sticky, or clinging materials. Class II hazardous location ratings and a wide assortment of probes and extensions make these point-level capacitance probes appropriate for a variety of solid, liquid, and slurry materials. BinMaster - Capacitance - Nema 4 and IIG -Hanging Probes

Item #



730-5053-P65-FA-18 730-5053-P65-FA-24 730-5053-P65-FA-36 730-5053-P65-FA-48 730-5053-P65-FA-60 730-5053-P65-FA-72 730-5053-P65-FA-84 730-5053-P65-FA-96 730-5053-P65-FA-108 730-5053-P65-FA-120 730-5053-P65-FA-132 730-5053-P65-FA-144 730-5053-P65-FA-156 730-5053-P65-FA-168 730-5053-P65-FA-180 730-5053-P65-FA-192 730-5053-P65-FA-204 730-5053-P65-FA-216 730-5053-P65-FA-228 730-5053-P65-FA-240 730-5053-P65-FA-300

Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 18” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 24” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 36” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 48” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 60” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 72” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 84” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 96” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 108” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 120” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 132” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 144” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 156” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 168” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 180” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 192” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 204” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 216” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 228” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 240” Procap II Hanging Probe Nema 4/IIG - 300”

$71 0 .00 $71 1 .00 $718.00 $725.00 $732.00 $73 8 .00 $745.00 $752.00 $759.00 $76 5 .00 $772.00 $779.00 $786.00 $79 2 .00 $799.00 $806.00 $813.00 $8 19 .00 $826.00 $833.00

$867.00 Extended Models: The flexible cable extension probe was designed for high, mid or low level detection when it is necessary to top mount the sensor. This probe is also very effective in materials that might damage a rigid probe. The maximum length of the cable is 35 feet. The cable can be cut to the desired length in the field.

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BinMaster - Pressure Pads

Item # BM65R BM65F



Pressure Pad. IIG

$298.00 $298.00

Pressure Pad Flush, IIG Diaphragm Neoprene Part Switch Assembly BM65R

225-0003 530-0017



BinMaster - Rotary Paddle Switch

Item #



730-0504 299-0004 416-0283 730-0020 416-0161 416-0152 416-0153 416-0266 299-0407 299-0408 299-0409 299-0410 299-0411 350-0056

Rotary Pack, 115vac, IIG

$305.00 $25.00 $60.00 $41.00 $45.00 $40.00 $42.00 $56.00 $58.00 $64.00 $68.00 $78.00 $90.00 $55.00

Solid Shaft Coupler Flexible SS Coupler

Mounting Plate

Paddle Product 0-30 lbs Paddle Product 30-70 lbs Paddle Product over 70 lbs

GRP-27 Insertable Folder Paddle Sphere 6” x 1/4” Pipe Extension with Coupling 12” x 1/4” Pipe Extension with Coupling 18” x 1/4” Pipe Extension with Coupling 24” x 1/4” Pipe Extension with Coupling 36” x 1/4” Pipe Extension with Coupling Motor Assembly BMRX Round New Style

Rotary level indicators are proven, widely used devices for point level detection and suitable for a wide range of powder and bulk solid materials. BinMaster rotaries feature a specialized motor design with “de-energized” operation.

BinMaster - Vibrating Rod




730-5129 730-5135

VR-21-X, Vibrating Rod Rated Nema 4X and IIG VR-21 Vibrating Rod Rated Nema 4, 5, 12

$877.00 $814.00

Vibrating Rods - also known as vibrating level switch. Are a reliable point level sensor used for high and low level in dication or plugged chute detection. They can be used in light, fluffy powders and flakes with bulk densities as low as 1.25lb/ft3. BinMaster vibrating rods feature a unique, sword-shaped probe that resists build-up and false alarms.

Item # VR-51 VR51C 1-0102



VR-51 Vibrating Hanging Cable Nema 4 Cable Extension for VR-51 Vibrod 1-19’



Mounting Plate 1 1/2” NPT $ 85 .00 Cable Extension from 1-19 feet, detect granular or powered material, top mount 1 1/2 NPT. Power Supply - 20-250V AC/DC, Mounting Plate 1-0102 = 1 1/2”, hang vertical.


BinMaster - Flow Sensor

Item #



FD2000 Flow Sensor, Nema 4X IIG, 4-20ma, 24vdc Power Relay 24 vdc Power Supply, 30va Nema 4X Enclosure $219.00 The Flow Detect 2000 is a reliable, non-intrusive instrument for the detection of solids flow or no flow in various applications in the material handling industry. It prevents downtime caused by blockage, conveyors running empty, no material flow to and from a process, or loose slide gates that can cause production loss and equipment failure. $1,033.00 PSCDC-4

BinMaster - Radar Cable - Rated Nema 4 and IIG

Item #



GWR-2000-15 GWR-2000-20 GWR-2000-25 GWR-2000-30 GWR-2000-35 GWR-2000-40 GWR-2000-45 GWR-2000-50 GWR-2000-55 GWR-2000-60 GWR-2000-70 GWR-2000-80 GWR-2000-90 GWR-2000-100

Radar Cable 15 Foot Radar Cable 20 Foot Radar Cable 25 Foot Radar Cable 30 Foot Radar Cable 35 Foot Radar Cable 40 Foot Radar Cable 45 Foot Radar Cable 50 Foot Radar Cable 55 Foot Radar Cable 60 Foot Radar Cable 70 Foot Radar Cable 80 Foot Radar Cable 90 Foot Radar Cable 100 Foot


$4,119.00 $4,199.00 $4,279.00 $4,359.00 $4,439.00 $4,519.00 $4,599.00 $4,679.00 $4,759.00 $4,919.00 $5,079.00 $5,239.00

$5,399.00 BinMaster’s GWR-2000 guided microwave level transmitter provides continuous level measurement in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of +0.08 inches (2mm). It utilizes TDR along a cable or rod to measure the distance, level, and volume of material. It features hazardous location approvals.

BinMaster - Replacement Parts

Item #


Price $9.00

280-0004 299-0010 416-0 743 730-0525 730-0 6 67

Gasket Diaphragm Ring

Small Plastic Paddle GRP-12

$22.00 $121.00 $538.00 $600.00

TS-P Tilt Switch Paddle

Level Switch 115V

Tilt Switch Indicator, MN-TSM Garner, Rev A

Binful - Pressure Pads

Item #



BDP6710 BDP7310

Pressure Pad - Surface Mount - Not Listed Pressure Pad - Flush Mount - Not Listed

$160.00 $161.00

Phone 1.800.950.5792 • www.hopeelectric.com


Level Sensors for DryFertilizer andOther NonClassified Products

Item # 6C841



Capacitive Proximity Sensor 6’ Chain Nema 1, 10-30vdc Power, N.O. Output


Distributor Touch Screen Selector

Item #




Touch Screen Selector 12 Positions Max Touch Screen Selector 24 Positions Max Touch Screen Selector 36 Positions Max

$1,658.00 $1,887.00 $2,116.00

4” Touch Screen and PLC. Used to replace M ulti P osition S electors for D istributors .


BinMaster - Smart Sonic Level Measurement - Liquids and Solids

Item #



under construction

SS400- 70 UC SS400- 52 UC

Operating Range 1' to 5 0'. 115V, 2" or 3" NPT Operating Range 1' to 3 0'. 115V, 2" or 3" NPT

SS400-45UC Operating Range 1' to 60'. 115V, 3" NPT

The BinMaster SmartSonic ultrasonic sensor is used for continuous non-contact level measurement in tanks, bins, silos and conveyors. It works by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse of pressurized air to the surface of the material in a vessel. Works in Liquids or Solids, Self-Cleaning Operation, Auto-Adjusts for Higher Accuracy and Eliminates False Echoes. 4-20 mA output and RS-485 / Modbus RTU communication.

Siemens - Ultra Sonic Level Measurement - Liquids and Solids

Item #



Ultrasonic Liquid Level Measurement Sensor. Range up to 16’. Use in clear/colored liquids. Slurry and bulk material. 2 Wire, 4-20ma. Ultrasonic Liquid Level Measurement Sensor. Range up to 40’. Use in clear/colored liquids. Slurry and Bulk material. 2 Wire, 4-20ma.





Nema 6, Type 6 Rated Sensor Powered by 24vdc. Feeds 4-20ma signal into PLC/Touch Screen Panels. Same price as the Radar displays on page 6 of the catalog.

BinMaster - SmartBob2 - Level Measurement - Liquids and Solids

Item # SBR2



Smart Bob 2. Base 115vac, Nema 4x and IIG

$ 1,823 .00

B5 C1 M1 H1

Plastic Digestible Bottle Probe

$ 209 .00 $ 1 . 75 Ft $ 84.00 $ 103 .00

Nylon Jacket Stainless Steel Cable/Foot

Flat Mounting Plate

Gearbox Heater

The SmartBob2 is a reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensor technology. SmartBob2 can be uniquely configured using a variety of cables, probe designs, and special options for solid, slurry, brine, and liquid applications. Long-lasting, hassle-free service is ensured by SmartBob’s cable cleaning system. SmartBob2 is extremely rugged, featuring the industry’s strongest cable and motor design completely sealed in a strong, lightweight molded polycarbonate enclosure which is explosion proof and rated for Class II, Groups E, F & G certifications.

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Touch Screen Fire Alarm Panel - UL 508A

Item #



FA8UPSDTS $7,150.00 $6,753.00 $8,635.00 $9,420.00 $10,395.00 $10,615.00 $10,835.00 FA10UPSDTS 10 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA12UPSDTS 12 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA14UPSDTS 14 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA16UPSDTS 16 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA18UPSDTS 18 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA20UPSDTS 20 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel FA24UPSDTS 24 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel $11,440.00 Description: Central Alarm Panel will monitor for hot bearings, motors, gear boxes, and heat detectors for fire alarm systems. 8 Zone Touch Screen Alarm Panel

Heat Detectors

Item # 5601P



136º Heat Detector 200º Heat Detector


5602 $42.00 Used to detect heat from fire in offices, driveways, warehouses, boots, cupolas ect. 200º Heat Detector is used in driveways and cupolas. 136º is used in all other areas.

Batteries - Fire Alarm Panels

Item # YAN46




6 Volt, 4Ah Battery 12 Volt, Ah Battery 12 Volt, 7 Ah Battery


$44.00 $55.00

IP Auto Dialer - Voice over IP

Item #



IPDIALER $396.00 Have your alarm system call your cellphone, it will call up to 7 numbers at the same time. Manage your contacts via Web Interface. Connects to your alarm panels siren output in the panel (SVDC-24VDC). Triggered by 12VDC. Connect to any ethernet port that has internet access. Text alerts are also available. Voice / IP Auto Dialer

Sump PumpAlarm Panel

Item #



SAP $599.00 Green light - power on. Float activate turns on red light strobes. Float is included. 120V Power. Use for septic tanks or sump pump alarms. Option can add horn and/or text alert, not included. Battery backup, Auto dialer, switch, 24vdc power supply, IP Dialer with text. Wi-Fi. If now, Wi-Fi would need to use a cradle point and pay Verizon a Monthly Fee. Sump Alarm Panel


Touch Screen Alarm Panel - UL 508A

Item # Alarm4 Alarm8



4 Sensor Alarm Panel 8 Sensor Alarm Panel

$1,595.00 $2,035..00 $2,695.00 $2,915.00 $3,135.00 $3,465.00 $4,015.00 $4,345.00 $4,675.00 $5,115.00

Alarm12 12 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm16 16 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm20 20 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm24 24 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm28 28 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm32 32 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm36 36 Sensor Alarm Panel Alarm40 40 Sensor Alarm Panel

• Edit your own screen - With the easy to use edit screen, you can customize your alarm names. • Bin-full Alarm Sensors - Up to 40 bins, high or low level alarms, add them as your needs grow. • Virtually any Alarm Sensor - Smoke alarms, limit switches, bin full indicators, and cover switches. • No Lamps to Replace - LED touch screen proven technology, Allen-Bradley reliability. • Normally Open or Normally Closed - Edit screen allows you to set the conditions if it’s wrong you can change it. • Enable / Disable any Sensor - If a sensor goes bad you can manually disable it on the protected edit screen.

Alarms and Buzzers

Item #


Base Price


Horn 12V AC 350 Series Vibratone

$188.00 $194.00 $225.00 $198.00 $71.00 $93.00 $67.00 $32.00

350-120-30 450-024-31

Horn AC Grill

24 VDC-Weatherproof Horn

4A967 4A969 64F273 64F283 WPBR RHCN

Horn 110 Vac 60 HZ

Back box for item # 4A967 Horn 30 -120 VAC/DC Sonalert Panel Horn

24 VDC Sonalert Panel Horn


Horn Box

Remote Horn Control Networked



Hazardous Location Horn, Nema 4x and IIG Surface Mount, 120v, 100 Decibal at 10 feet


Activate remote horn on network.


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4B Hazard Monitoring Systems

Item #




Watchdog Super Elite, 120/240v or 24vdc Bearing Temp Sensor 3” Probe Adjustable Touch Switch 24vdc, Belt Alignment Rub Block Kit, Inspection Door / NTC Sensor



$153.00 $439.00 $349.00 $239.00 $153.00 $53.00 $187.00 $182.00 $449.00 $129.00 $525.00



KIT-RUB-1 P8004V10C WG1-4B-4 MAG2000 BSE1V10C WDA3V34C RB2W4LR2 M8001V10C KIT-SPSW

Speed Sensor / Prox Switch / SSR Whirligig, Mounting Target / Bracket


Magnetic Connector 2”, Option Mount / Whirlygig

Plugswitch / Binswitch, 5-Wire Surface Mount Temp Sensor NTC Motion Alignment Sensor 12-24vdc



2x4 Brass Block

Speed Switch 120/240v, 24vdc


Kit / M800 Speed-switch / Whirlygig / Mag2000 $7 31 .00 The Watchdog Controller monitors the belt speed or boot/tail shaft, bearing temps and belt align ments. It will set the alarms off at 90% speed and shut down at 80%. Each Watchdog monitors one leg or belt conveyor. Call for package price.


4B Level Sensors -Auto Set

Item #




Auto set Probe 120/240vac, 24vdc

$579.00 $673.00 $669.00 $37.00


Auto set Probe 120/240vac, 24vdc, 12” Power Shield


ATS7VOFC-FP Auto set Flush Probe 120/240vac, 24vdc

EX03 EX12

3” Stainless Steel Probe 12” Stainless Steel Probe

$23.00 High, intermediate or low level. Push button calibration. Top or side mount with various probe lengths.


4B Level Sensors - Binswitch

Item #




Binswitch Elite 120/240vac, 12/24vdc, 5-Wire

$187.00 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $ 35 .00 $26.00

Conduit Adaptor M30 to 3/4” NPT Mount 1 1/4’ NPT for Binswitch Mount Abrasion Shield for Binswitch Mount Clamp Type for Binswitch Mount Plate Standard Flange Type






Detects level or plugged leg or conveyors. Relay output for alarm or interlocking.

Proximity Pressure Pad

Item # FD17V



Pressure Pad Proximity Rated Nema 4X 7.5” Base



Secure Access Control - Push Button

Item # SAPB



Secure Access Push Button Controller


Secure access control to fuel pumps or other equipment. Push button inputs to PLC, no screen.

Secure Access Control- Keypad

Item # SAKP



Secure Access Controller with Keypad


SAKP30 $2,700.00 Secure access control controls the power to the fuel pumps or other equipment. Keypad controls users codes. Users need to enter a code that you program to start the timer to access fuel or other products. Secure Access Controller with Keypad / 30amp Panel

SAKP has 120v control relay. SAK30 also includes a Nema 4 30 amp disconnect panel and contactor.

Secure Access Control - Touch Screen / History

Item # SATS



Secure Access Touch Screen $2,940.00 Track users, history, date, time, view on touch screen. Text or email alert is available with Wi-fi or Verizon wireless device added.

Bin Distributor Panel

Select your bin with a touch of the screen Item # Description



Bin Distributor 12 Position Control Panel Bin Distributor 20 Position Control Panel Bin Distributor 24 Position Control Panel Bin Distributor 30 Position Control Panel Bin Distributor 36 Position Control Panel

$2,282.00 $4,659.00 $4,659.00 $4,839.00 $4,839.00

Overview This Touch Panel is for the control and operation of distributors using limit switches. There is an isolation relay for the control of the distributor motor starter using terminals CR1 and CR3, this contact closes when the user selects a position for the distributor to move. There is also a jog, off, and auto position switch. When in off the isolation relay will not operate the distributor motor. When using the jog function the distributor motor will run as long as the user has it in this position, this is used for manual operation only. When in auto the HMI touch panel will control the operation of the distributor.

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The Future of Truck Loading is Here! Now you can control a loading gate right from the cab of a grain truck. VNC Control will enable you to pull up and connect to a secure application that will allow you to fill your trailer right from the cab saving time and effort. Cameras are mounted to monitor the filling of the trailer and can also be viewed right from the cab just by selecting the app. We use Allen Bradley Micro Processors with local panel-view screens for 2 points of control. Samsung or Apple I-pads work for the truck cab interface so they will be reliable and readily available giving you years of service. Tablet Truck Loading

Tablet Remote Control Truck Loading

Item #




Tablet Truck Loading (1) Gate (1) Camera Tablet Truck Loading (2) Gate (2) Camera


$5,940.00 Includes: UL 508A Control Panel, PLC Touch Screen, Controls (1) Tablet, E-Stop hardware, Video Recorder, WI-FI Access Point Antenna, Cloud Key, Security Gateway. Installation not included. For more than (2) gates and (2) cam eras call for pricing.

Tablet Truck Mount

Item #




Tab Dock Key Pedestal

$144.00 $36.00

Tab Floor Mount 22” Goose-neck


Item #




Samsung Galaxy Tablet E Light, 8” Screen

$390.00 $180.00 $252.00 $300.00 $474.00


Truck Mounting Stand for Tablet

Cloud Key


AC Mesh Access Point Antenna

Outdoor IP Video Camera

USG $354.00 Note: If your tablet is lost or destroyed you need to purchase one from us so we can program it and ship it right to you. Also If you need to have more than one (multiple trucks) we can set up more tablets for you. Security Gateway


Bluetooth Auger / Bin Take-out Truck Loading

Item # BAL-1



Bluetooth Portable Auger Controller for 1 Bin Includes Starter box for auger and (1) bin take-out controller and wireless camera


BTC-1 $240.00 This system uses blue-tooth to start and stop your portable auger and bin take-out auger from a tablet that is within range of the auger. There is a WiFi camera that attaches to the auger to monitor the filling of the truck. When incorpo rated with electric roll tarps you never have to get out in the elements to fill your truck. Price may vary depending on motor size and voltage. Can be installed in existing motor controllers depending on volt age for reduced costs. Contactor and chord for additional bin

Tablet Truck Loading - Fertilizer Equipment

Item # TTLF3



Tablet Truck Loading, (3) Fertilizer Equipment / Camera


Includes: UL508A PLC Control Panel, Touch Screen Control Tower Distributors, High Levels, Control Conditioner, Drag and Leg from 7” Tablet in Truck, WiFi Network Access Hardware, and Camera View on Tablet. Installation not included.

Tablet Payloader Fertilizer Tower Fill Control

Item # TPLC4



Tablet Payloader Control, Equipment


Includes: UL508A PLC Control Panel, Touch Screen Control Tower Distributors, High Levels, Control Conditioner, Solenoid, Drag and Leg, (1) 7” Tablet, and Wifi Network Access Hardware. Requires visual site to equipment from payloader. No Camera. Installation not included.

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Position Indicators - % Gates

Item #




Position Indicator Nema 4 Position Indicator XProof


$975.00 Position Metering is used to control the flow of product and blending for moisture, protein and quality.

Console Control Panels - Parts - % Options

Item #




Console Control Panel (Joystick, Selector, and Meter)



Console Control Panel (No Joystick, with Meter) /P.S. to CCP1 $1,020.00

Console Control Panel (Joystick, (2)Pushbuttons, No Meter)



Console Control Package IIG Percent Position Indicator Bracket 0-100%, 2 1/2”, 4-20ma Meter

$2,220.00 $24.00 $192.00 $ 285.00





Signal Conditioner, Isolated, Potentiometer input C urrent or voltage output, 24 VAC/VDC operating voltage .


24vdc Power Supply

$80.00 $102.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $238.00 $42.00


Rewind Coil for % Gate Operator 1K 5 Turn Potentiometer 17-36: Gate 1K 3 Turn Potentiometer 4-16: Gate 5K 5 Turn Potentiometer 17-36: Gate 5K 3 Turn Potentiometer 1-16: Gate

20M1966 20M1947 20M1969 20M1952 9001K35 9001KA2 9001KA3


Joystick 4-Postion

Joystick Contact Block N.O. Joystick Contact Block N.C.

$42.00 Console Control Package includes: Console Control Panel, % Position Operator, IIG or Nema 4

Gate position can be displayed locally with a percent meter or a 4-20ma input signal can go to an existing PLC system to display on the operators screen.

The Control Console Package provides a % readout of the fill gate and controls the open/close percent for filling of the rail car. The selector switch controls the spout winch up/down and the joy stick controls the spout telescope up/down. The console is mounted on the loading platform so the operator can make the necessary adjustments.

Position Metering - Touch Screen Panels

Item #



P1-4 P1-8

Percent Indication Touch Screen Panel - 4 Analog Inputs Percent Indication Touch Screen Panel - 8 Analog Inputs Percent Indication Touch Screen Panel - 12 Analog Inputs Percent Indication Touch Screen Panel - 16 Analog Inputs Percent Indication Touch Screen Panel - 20 Analog Inputs

$2,340.00 $2,940.00 $3,540.00 $4,140.00

P1-12 P1-16 P1-20

$4,740.00 Applications: If you have a process with existing electric reclaim gates where you need to blend ingredients to feed a conveyor, position metering will accurately open gates to the same position every time. Also, if you have the same in gredients in multiple bins that need to be blended together you can set the exact percent from each bin. This will allow you to control how much product is released to your reclaim conveyor and can prevent overloading or plugging.


Go Limits - Top Worx

Item #




Go Limit Switch

$330.00 $56.00



Typically used on the bottom gate of a bulkweigh

InterSystems - Sampler Parts

Item # 35246 525579

Description Timer Digital


$714.00 $417.00 $101.00

Timer Delay Multi-Function 1-1 - S/M/H


15A SPDT 120V Power Relay

Bulkweigh Opto Control Panel

Item # G4PB4 G4PB8



G4 4 - Channel Mounting Rack G4 8 - Channel Mounting Rack G4 16- Channel Mounting Rack

$102.00 $180.00 $294.00


G4 4 Amp Fuse


Output Opto Relay G4 Input Opto Relay G4


G4IAC5 $36.00 G4 mounting racks accept G4 digital I/O modules only and are available in 4,8,16, and 32 channel models. G4 digital input and output modules can be used in any combination on any G4 mounting rack. A model with screw terminals for both field and logic connections is available.

Andco Actuator Parts

Item #



20M1756 67-58-12 SXZ0654 110627082

1K Andco Pot 1 Turn

$42.00 $133.00 $160.00 $777.00


Kit to Convert from 2IL to 22L


Pot Drive Assembly for 18” Eagle Actuator with Pot

Hydraulic Oil Tank - Immersion Heater

Item #



2VSR8N4 $462.00 1” NPT Threads. 60-260D Thermostat Range. Open type, Nema 1 box or Nema 4 box. Over all length 12- 7/16”, Minimum submersion depth 6- 3/8” Immersion Heater, 500w. 120v, Stat N4 Box

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Compuweigh Truck Scale

Item # 134118 134117



Smart Truck Traffic Eye Receiver Smart Truck Traffic Eye Sender

$485.00 $385.00

Send and receive relays used on scales to verify trucks on the scale.

Schlagel Distributors Control Parts

Item #




Serial Interface Ethernet Interface





Communication Board Controller with Inverter




Position Sensor

$561.00 $475.00


Barrier Relay


Replacement Display V3-V6 Programmed for older models




$ 450.00 $ 550.00

Dura Pulse VFD, 120V Single Phase Input 230V 3 Phase ,QYHUWHU Z $GDSWHU %RDUG

Message Displays

IP Message Display System Remote Viewing Touch Screen Message Panel

• The indoor panel contains a PLC and Panelview Screen and will let the operator create (12) custom messages that can be sent to the outdoor mounted IP LED display. The messages that will be sent to the display are programmable by the operator and can be up to 80 characters. • The terminal boots up ready to go once it has AC power. • There are two screens in the panelview indoor box. The second is for editing of the messages. This allows message storage in-case of a power outage, messages are maintained. • IP message display panel outdoor needs (Cat 5 Ethernet cable by installer) to connect to the indoor mounted panelview enclosure.

• Needs to be within 300' of the panelview enclosure. • 120 Volt AC power to each enclosure (by installer)

Total System Price ............................$10,662.00 (Does not include installation)


Power Management

Item #



AB1408-1000 1411-600-202

Power Monitor 1000 AB / Display 600 Split Core CT’s Set of (3) Touch Screen Power Monitor

$1,980.00 $1,494.00 $3,900.00 $2,220.00



4000:5 CT Set of Three

Measure and Record • Demand • Power Factor • Touch Screen and PC Options

• Volts • Amps

Benefits & Features: Energy management and understanding energy costs are a major focus today in the industrial market. The Allen-Bradley bulletin 1408 Power Monitor 1000 is a cost effective energy monitor that is ideal for your applications where load profiling cost allocation or energy optimization is required. You can track your demand and consumption over time to determine what loads are consuming the most energy during your processing day.

Power Factor -Auto Switched Capacitor Banks

Item #




250kvar, Switch PF Capacitor Bank System


Includes: 250kva Switched Capacitor Bank, 50kvar Steps, Power Monitor 1000 Display, Touch Screen Monitor and (3) Split Core CT’s

The Power of PF Guard Avoid penalty fees and high utility bills with PF Guard. By providing reactive power to your system, the PF Guard will improve your facility’s power factor to near unity. This reduces the amount of costly apparent power the utility must provide.

Why Improve Power Factor? When the power factor is below 1.0 or unity, the electrical capacity of the system decreases, forcing the utility to supply more apparent power than necessary.

Har m onic Filter

Item # ALC50



50amp, Harmonic Filter / 1600 / 5 CTS


Includes: Harmonic Filter, 1600/5 CTS and Monitor Screen

Poor power quality can be a result of variable frequency drives or other types of non-linear loads using a power conversion process that causes current and voltage distortion. This resulting distortion is known as

harmonics. Issues caused by harmonics may include: • Transformer/distribution equipment overheating • Random breaker tripping

• Sensitive equipment failure • Poor power factor

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